BAKING PAGE coming soon!!


In the next month, look for the new BAKING PAGE on this website!  I will be offering a selection of baking weekly.  Muffins, bars, breads, cookies and other ready to bake delights … simply delicious!! Baking is one of my true food passions and all of these items have been recipe-perfected — in every way.  I will be including low sugar (limited sweeteners and no chemicals, high fibre, ground flax and chia seeds (very good for you) and a large variety of no-grain-baking (high protein , high fibre and no white flour).

Baking can’t get any better than this, it is my promise to you!



Food, glorious food!!  Make that glorious FREE FOOD!!

Ever find yourself indulging in your yummy Peppercorn & Co. Executive Lunch and someone is drooling over your shoulder?  Well,  here is their chance to try it out!  The bonus to you is: if you get a friend to order lunch from us, I will send you a free soup or salad of your choice!  Who can turn down free food?!  Spread the word!!  You win!

Happy Eating!
Chef Cindy

PS: Coming in May!
We will be sending out a customer “feed” back form soon.  If you fill it out I will send you a free soup!  Not a bad deal!?  You win again!



Chef Cindy on CTV Morning Live


Chef Cindy of Peppercorn&Co. Personal Chef Service on CTV Morning Live – March 2014

Published cookbook author, Domestic Consultant and Personal Chef Cindy Armstrong of Peppercorn & Co. joins host Terri Apostle to discuss healthful and fun food solutions for picky young eaters.
In this episode Chef Cindy and her lovely assistant Maddie show us how to make a fun, tasty and nutritious cauliflower-based mac and cheese!



Night Vale Eye

                                     I seeeee youuuu!

How many times in your life do you happen upon something completely wild and crazy, yet safe?!  Not enough, I say!

Last week my sister  announced she was going to throw a surprise 18th birthday party for my niece. My first question was What is the theme?

I am all about themes when it comes to parties. People don’t seem to realized that there are so many advantages to having a theme.  A theme allows you to plan for colours, decorations, costumes and even the menu.  So when I inquired as to the theme, my sister replied…NIGHT VALE.

Night Vale?!  Say what?!  What the heck is Night Vale?!

Apparently, it is one of the top rated pod-casts in North America. So to do my job I needed to start with a little research. I down loaded the first four pod casts and listened to them.  Can you say wild and crazy??

My niece is a really neat kid (“kid” is relative term when you are pushing 45. She is actually 18!)  so I totally get why she is in to this podcast: it is really out there….really really out there.  If you asked me to describe it to you, I’m not sure that I could do it justice, but I will try.

Basically it is a radio show airing from a fictitious town in a desert called Night Vale.  This is no regular town by any stretch of the imagination.  It has a list of reoccurring characters that participate in the very strange goings-on in this town.  It has everything from “hooded strangers” to “evil glow clouds”.

Yes, it is very peculiar.

I know why my niece likes it.  Maybe it is a family gene(?) … you know… to be attracted to the weird things? (Don’t tell my husband I said that) ;)

So now that I knew a little about Nite Vale, the menu planning could begin. Here is a rough sketch of my thought map:

The predominant colour is purple. Okay… purple food?!  Hmmmmmm…. Who would eat purple food?…..How about the weirdos who like Nite Vale?!

Easy sell!  LOL!!!

SO here is what I came up with utilizing the themes, the colour purple, and working in some of the key characters from the pod-cast.


  •   Purple potato chips w/ garlic aioli
  • “John Peters” (you know… the farmer) veggie plate/ dip
  • “Carlos” Blue tortillas chips with salsa
  • “Cecile ” Saskatoon chill meatballs (these were brilliantly delicious)
  • “Glow Cloud” Roasted grape mini meringue bites
  • “Big Rico’s Pizza” bites
  • “Hooded figures”Hoisin chicken lettuce wraps

Everything was labelled thus, and we put pod-cast related graphics (faux ads of the town merchants etc) and related colours all over the house. My sister was thrilled, and when my niece arrived to her home, (which by a group effort had lovingly been turned it to the town of Night Vale), she too was tickled pink!

uhm…I mean purple.

night vale
Click image to learn more about Welcome To Night Vale